[ Case Study Youtube Ads ] How to get more customers and 4x – 5x your return on investment with Youtube Advertising

So far, €6k in new revenue (€3k in cash collected) and €425.29 in advertising spend using YouTube ads.


Over the next 30 days, I’m testing YouTube advertising to acquire coaching clients for our marketing academy.


Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest business search engine in the world at present right after Google search? YouTube receives on average 14 billion monthly visits globally. Second most visited website on the internet.


I’m spending €1k per week with YouTube ads of my own money before rolling this new service to our existing clients, documenting the journey on pros and cons of YouTube ads for anyone that’s looking to jump into YouTube ads so that you can get results from the get go, avoid wasting money in ad spend, frustrations and time…

Quote “You don’t create traffic, you go where the traffic is and redirect it” – Ngalinda.(that’s me)

The Summary:

Total Ad Spend: €425.29

Total Revenue: €6k

Total Cash Collected: €3k

Total Leads: 59

Total Booked Calls (sales appointments):9

Total Cost Per Lead: €8.51

Total Cost Per Booked Call: €47.25 (On facebook this can range from €80 – €200 per booked call!!)


Overall result: So a total of 9 booked sales calls are scheduled for the week, 1 call done, 1 close, 1 new client. Still another 8 booked sales calls to be made.. more today so will update after today’s sales results.



The Goal:

  • To spend €1k per week to generate 4x – 6x return in ad spend.

The Objective:

  • To begin an initial spend of €4k and generate a 2x -3x in revenue (€8k – €12k) then to scale this up to 4x – 6x in the next 90 days.


The Pro’s

  • Low cost leads vs using other platforms such as Facebook ads. On YouTube for the current campaign I am averaging €4 per lead while this very same conversion on Facebook would have been 50% – 60% higher at minimum.


  • Stronger quality of lead – I’ve found that leads from YouTube ads have a stronger intent, therefore the conversions from a YouTube ads lead is approx 20%-30% higher than of Facebook ads.
  • More eyeballs on YouTube – over 14 billion monthly visits on YouTube.


  • Low competition – there are less advertisers on YouTube as there are on other platforms due to more effort required to create an advert (YouTube you need to promote a video, with Facebook ads you can get away with just promoting a picture as part of your ads creative)


  • Easy to setup YouTube campaigns from their advertising dashboard (Google owns YouTube, so all advertising is run via Google ads dashboard)


The Con’s

  • Video promotion – Unlike other advertising platforms such as Facebook ads, to run an advert on Youtube you need to promote a video, so this requires effort.


  • Careful of the Skip – I’m sure you’ve seen one of these YouTube advertisements that pops up while you’re watching a Youtube video, the advert displayed only for 5 seconds. After this period, the skip button will appear to the viewers so that they can bypass the ad. The challenge here is hooking your audience within 5 seconds before they press the skip button. However, you can also afford to go for a 15-20 seconds unskippable ads. But this is normally not recommended since it could annoy your viewers.


The Conclusion:


Diversify your advertising online, do not stop one channel to move to the next channel. Select one channel, optimise this channel until profitable then diversify and add other channels to your offer. Traffic is KING.


If you want any help with setting up your YouTube advertising, apply to see if you’re a good fit for our brand new YouTube advertising service, of course there are some qualifications that your business must meet to ensure that working together is on a win win basis.


Use my calendar here to schedule a strategy call -> https://calendly.com/mr-marketing-academy/15-min


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