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Part 6/14: Surviving And Thriving During A Slow Economy – HowTo Market Your Company During An Economical Crisis


Throughout this blog series, together we will be covering the following topics below at a more in depth, including the tactics, marketing tools/software to use and the plans for you to deploy within your marketing campaigns during these unprecedented times ahead, we will cover:

  • HowTo Communication with Empathy & Transparency
  • HowTo Use Social Media in More Agile Ways
  • HowTo Promote Positivity & Goodwill in Your Marketing
  • HowTo Educate Customers on Service Changes
  • HowTo Tell and Show Consumers How the Company’s Values Will Continue
  • HowTo Innovate What Your Customers Value About Your Business
  • HowTo Prepare for The Next and Tackling the Future

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6. Innovate What Your Customers Value About Your Company

A mentor of mine and in my opinion, he is one of the greatest business leaders of our 21st century, Mr Daniel Steven Peña also known as Dan Peña, founder of The Guthrie Investments Group, created a company taking it from zero to $450 million in just 8 short years at the time of his exit, has consistently without fail re enforced the concept of “where there is chaos, there is order” throughout his business career.

I have found this statement to be such a true profound invaluable reminder of life, a vision statement that I use when creating marketing strategies both our clients and my own marketing campaigns. If we can understand the concept of chaos creates order and where there is order there is opportunity.  Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, demonstrates that chaos presents opportunity for innovation.

Beyond the re assurance of customers that your company’s existing value propositions will remain the same, it is vitally important that your customers are aware of the innovations that are being put in place because of what has risen from dealing with the ongoing global crisis. As they say, necessity is the more of invention.

Share and let your existing customers know of how you are servicing them in new ways. Reach out to new potential customers by offering new products or services that solve a new problem. According to Ted Waldron’s publication on Harvard business review, “Ensure That Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus”, Ted provided a great example on how some liquor and food companies are changing how they are operating with the customers value proposition in hand. Fuddruckers the hamburger chain recently decided to address the bread shortages in grocery shops by baking their own loaves and selling these loves directly to the consumers.

Other examples include how liquor companies are now producing hand sanitiser from the alcohol that they distil, as a response to combating the global sanitiser shortages.

Companies that take the necessary measures and promote these changes to let the consumers become more aware of the changes, doing so will inject hope into their consumers worries and fears. The more that consumers can see how companies are developing ways to making their lives better, the stronger the bond between the consumer and the company becomes.

7. Preparing for The Next and Tackling the Future– click here to continue reading.

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