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Part 5/14: Surviving And Thriving During A Slow Economy – HowTo Market Your Company During An Economical Crisis


Throughout this blog series, together we will be covering the following topics below at a more in depth, including the tactics, marketing tools/software to use and the plans for you to deploy within your marketing campaigns during these unprecedented times ahead, we will cover:

  • HowTo Communication with Empathy & Transparency
  • HowTo Use Social Media in More Agile Ways
  • HowTo Promote Positivity & Goodwill in Your Marketing
  • HowTo Educate Customers on Service Changes
  • HowTo Tell and Show Consumers How the Company’s Values Will Continue
  • HowTo Innovate What Your Customers Value About Your Business
  • HowTo Prepare for The Next and Tackling the Future

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5. Tell and Show Consumers How the Company’s Values Will Continue.

Companies should promote as often as they can on how they’re going the extra mile to continue honouring the company values.

Tell and show consumers, despite the upheaval in how you operate, you will continue to provide the things that your consumers have come to know and love the most about your company, the defining reasons why they patronise your business instead of others.

By understanding that what your consumers value the most,  and by value, we mean the little details about your service, this could simply translate to what your consumers valuing the most is the thoughtful nature of your customer service being one of the most important reasons why they continue to buy from you, if this is true, then tell them how you are going to maintain the fulfilment of these value propositions.

For example, Hans Wittlers Automotive, a North American, vehicle repair service based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hans Wittlers Automotive prides itself on the company’s convenience and safety.

Hans Wittlers have recently implemented a home pick up service, this is where the staff at the company are picking up vehicles for repair at customers’ homes and return them later once the repair has been completed, which by offering this service, it shouts out to the consumers; dedication, hard work, commitment but above all convenience and safety.

This is the exact reason why companies like Hans Wittlers will continue to prevail in difficult circumstances by winning the support and loyalty of its consumers.

When elaborating on the key points of assurance, it is vitally important to remind consumers that your company’s value propositions, e.g. what your consumers value the most about your company, will transcend the obstacles imposed by this or any future crisis.

6. Innovate What Your Customers Value About Your Business – click here to continue reading.

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