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Part 4/14: Surviving And Thriving During A Slow Economy – HowTo Market Your Company During An Economical Crisis


Throughout this blog series, together we will be covering the following topics below at a more in depth, including the tactics, marketing tools/software to use and the plans for you to deploy within your marketing campaigns during these unprecedented times ahead, we will cover:

  • HowTo Communication with Empathy & Transparency
  • HowTo Use Social Media in More Agile Ways
  • HowTo Promote Positivity & Goodwill in Your Marketing
  • HowTo Educate Customers on Service Changes
  • HowTo Tell and Show Consumers How the Company’s Values Will Continue
  • HowTo Innovate What Your Customers Value About Your Business
  • HowTo Prepare for The Next and Tackling the Future

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4. Educate Customers on Service Changes

When marketing and advertising, another important campaign to deploy is an educational based campaign.

Your customers are in a state of worry and distract, your goal for running  educational campaigns is to tell about all the changes to your operations and how they can interact with your business, including information, from as basic as new hours of operations, facility closures, staff reductions, customer service availability, ordering options and any other service that is of importance to those whom your business serves.

This is also a great opportunity to test new ways of delivering your service.

While you can reference the emergency government regulations that necessitated these changes, your brand should be viewed as being proactive and motivated by the company’s customer’s best interests.

As an example, Apple Inc, anticipated that the forced store closing was coming, and they closed their stores before the government ordered it.

Apple proactively acted by reaching out to their entire customer list to encourage online shopping, focusing their marketing message to emphasis on their convenient return policies and responsive call services that could help customers with problems and questions.

My views here have been derived from Ted Waldron, associate professor of management at Texas Tech University’s Rawls College of Business. Harvard business review article.

5. Tell and Show Consumers How the Company’s Values Will Continue.  – click here to continue reading.

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