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Part 3/14: Surviving And Thriving During A Slow Economy – HowTo Market Your Company During An Economical Crisis


Throughout this blog series, together we will be covering the following topics below at a more in depth, including the tactics, marketing tools/software to use and the plans for you to deploy within your marketing campaigns during these unprecedented times ahead, we will cover:

  • HowTo Communication with Empathy & Transparency
  • HowTo Use Social Media in More Agile Ways
  • HowTo Promote Positivity & Goodwill in Your Marketing
  • HowTo Educate Customers on Service Changes
  • HowTo Tell and Show Consumers How the Company’s Values Will Continue
  • HowTo Innovate What Your Customers Value About Your Business
  • HowTo Prepare for The Next and Tackling the Future

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3. Promote Positivity & Goodwill in Your Marketing

People remember how they are made feel, similarly to brands, people will remember brands for their acts of good in a time of crisis, especially if the act is done from the heart and generosity.

This can be achieved from donations to the community, continuing to pay employees even when the business is shut or providing time or products for medical personnel/organisations fighting against Coronavirus.

Consumers will likely remember how companies like Ford and 3M partnered to repurpose manufacturing capacity, putting their workforce back to work to make respirators and ventilators that help fight Coronavirus.

So, what can you do for your brand?

Create Feel-good content that will help ease the anxiety of your customers and those yet to become customers of your brand by sharing positive messages.

While it is important to show positivity, this must be ethnic, companies must show their contributions are material and not solely for commercial benefits.

Humans recognise authenticity and connect with those that display a true purpose.

3. Educate Customers on Service Changes – click here to continue reading.

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